Frequently Asked Questions about First Baptist Aurora

I don’t have any church background and know nothing about the Bible. Will I fit in?

You will fit in just fine. Many people attend First Baptist without having attended church before and without any Biblical knowledge. The service is presented so that everyone can understand the message. We ask you to join us in learning about what the Bible has to teach us.

abclogoWhat does it mean for a church to be Baptist?

There is a wide variety among the various Baptist churches. At First Baptist, being a Baptist church means that we are affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA. As American Baptists we believe that Jesus Christ is our Redeemer and Lord and that, through him, believers are assured of eternal fellowship with God.

Do I have to be baptized (or re-baptized) to attend First Baptist?

American Baptists believe that our faith in Christ is proclaimed through baptism. However, we believe strongly that your decision to be baptized is one between you and God. No one is forced to be baptized.

What should I wear?ABCMissionLogoSmall

Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Some people dress up, while others come in modest casual clothes. Whatever you decide to wear, you will feel comfortable.

If I visit, will someone come knocking on my door?

No. However, we will have a free gift for you at a our Visitor’s Center. Simply stop by the Visitor Center to pick up your choice of a coffee mug or travel cup. We also give you the option to fill out a registration card. If you do, we will try to follow up with you to answer any questions that you might have. If you do not wish to be contacted, you need not complete the card.

Will I be pressured for money during worship?

No. As a visitor, you are our guest. We ask that you sit back and enjoy the worship service. Although we pass the collection plate during the service, we ask that you simply let it pass by.

fq_1What is a typical First Baptist person like?

We are proud that there is no typical First Baptist person. We believe strongly that our diversity is one of our greatest strengths. People attending First Baptist come from a wide variety of ages, ethnicites, educational, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds.

What is a typical worship service like?

Our service includes both contemporary praise songs and traditional hymns. Our Praise Team leads the contemporary songs with guitars, drums, piano, and, at times, a variety of other instruments. Our traditional hymns are sung with piano and/or organ music. The sermon is easy to understand and practical.

Where do I park?

See our driving directions page for more information. Parking is available in the main lot next to the church, our auxiliary lot just east of the church, or (on Sundays) the Associated Bank lot across Oak Ave.